03 August, 2013

Skiing in March during the renowned 'vacances scolaires'.

I went skiing in the alps in March this year, which means I experienced the ritual of 'vacances scolaires', the french school vacation period when many french children hit the slopes for a week or two and some take lessons at ESF, l'Ecole de Ski Francais.

The valley called l'Etale, part of the La Clusaz ski station during the french 'vacances scolaires' in March.
 View from the La Clusaz ski resort in March.
  Icicles still hanging on, at the end of a cold and very snowy ski season. 
My niece passed the 3rd level ski test, la 3eme 'etoile', at the french ski school, ESF, l'Ecole de Ski Francais.

04 August, 2012

August at the Col des Aravis

I took another photo of the magnificent snow-capped Mont Blanc from the Col des Aravis. The light of the low evening sun in august created some long shadows on the hillsides which enhanced the dramatic scenery.
View of the majestic Massif du Mont Blanc

Chapel at the Col des Aravis

At the Col des Aravis

Sunset and full moon in August

A stunning sunset with feather-like clouds and a full moon at Col de Merdassier.
A bright full moon at Col de Merdassier.

07 July, 2012

Breathtaking views and sunshine in June!

A couple of weeks ago, I couldn't wait to escape the hot sticky air of the city and spend the weekend in La Clusaz!

I was revived by the fresh mountain air, and the bright sunshine and I wanted to capture the breathtaking views and stunning sunsets. I could also hear the listen clanking of cow-bells in the distant pastures of the col de Merdassier all afternoon!
Sunset at Col de Merdassier

Cows grazing at Col de Merdassier

30 May, 2012

Fresh snow and sunny skies!

Ski tracks in fresh snow!

Sky above Les Aravis mountains

Deepest snow and coldest temps last winter
The ski season at La Clusaz starts roughly around the end of December and lasts through the end of April depending on the snowfall accumulation. 
The french ski vacation lasts four weeks and starts in early February. The skis stations are usually jam-packed if the ski conditions are good so I prefer to go skiing on weekends outside of the ski vacation.

29 May, 2012

The majestic Mont-Blanc

Breathtaking view of Mont Blanc in June

The Aravis mountains. Quel splendeur!

Spectacular view of the Aravis mountains

View from ridge at Le Grand Bornand

Moon behind mountain peak at l'Etale